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Pacifist Underfell by GoalPuppet on DeviantArt

*blushes red and coughs a little* …I swear I’m not this crazy. But I’ll probably ship this couple in more than just Underfell and Undertale eventually.


This was big enough to get two parts. Holy cow I wasn't expecting this to be that long to do but. that's what happens I guess! By the way, Error!Sans and Errortale was made.

frisk | outertale

I really like the idea of outertale. I love galaxy themed things, and I think it could fit very well in undertale. I really like the fan designs too.


See the speedpaint here --> *UNGODLY SCREAMING* A friend got me into this game and I just love these two so much I had to . Undertale : Sans and Papyrus :Speedpaint vid: