Kirlian Photography

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Kirlian photography captures the energy of beings. You are Light. All matter is Light. All pain is born of a lack of awareness of this fact.

"Vibrate so high that the toxic people in your life fall back, because they no longer know how to approach you" - Spiritual Wisdom, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Beliefs, Spiritual Reality, Spirituality Art, Spiritual Love, Spiritual Guidance, Mantra, Les Chakras

Good afternoon

Hello beautiful people!!!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful day. My day is going good another day off tomorrow is back to it so I’m just preparing myself for that. I just wanted to take some time out to talk about toxic energy and the people attached to it. And how they can effect your life if you let them. They’re like vampires they suck your energy leaving you drain if your spirits are high they try their best to bring you to their level. We have to walk away from these types of…

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