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Sabina Petrlíková
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Byzantine pouche ruby silk, 10-11th century, Beromunster, Switzerland

Byzantine relic pouch from the or century; Michael in Beromünster, Switzerland; “lattice-work wreath pattern worked on a [silk] ruby red ground. It is made from a single linen-lined piece of cloth, and has seams on two sides

Pourpoint belonged to Charles de Blois, made from damask. France, 1st half of 14th century. Lyonne

This is a Pourpoint, which was also called a doublet or Gipon. It was a closely fitted sleeveless garment with pad in front, which was used for military dress.

Chemise Isabelle de France sister of St.Luis (13th century), Convent Saint-Francois, Paris.

Chemise of Isabelle de France sister of St. Currently in the Convent Saint-Francois, Paris.

Tunic from Palermo (1125-50), blue and gold silk, embroidered by gold, pearls and filigrees. Kunsthistorishes Museum, Vienna

Silk tunic with embroidery and embroidered mantle for the coronation of Roger II King of Sicily in the early C. The tunic is purple silk, edged with red silk and embroidered with pearls, gold, gold filigree and enamel. The tunic is long.

Dalmatic from south Germany (c. 1300) is made from crimson Chinese damask, embroidered by gold and silver,

Some extant clothing of the middle ages (photos) "Royal Purple "is actually the reddish purple seen in this garment.