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some rocks are sitting on a table with plants in the background and one is made to look like a bunny
Concrete and copper Easter bunnies. | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...
two cement rabbits sitting next to each other with flowers in front of them on a window sill
Украшаем дом к Пасхе: 28 идей сервировки праздничного стола: Идеи и вдохновение в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
Украшаем дом к Пасхе: 28 идей сервировки праздничного стола - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade
four white candles sitting on top of coasters
Scandi Decor | Homewares Shop Online UK | Scandi Homeware
Geometric Candle Plates
Tabletop Fire Bowl
Tabletop Fire Bowl
large rocks with plants growing out of them on display at an outdoor market stall in the city
3 Things I Spotted This Week - #9 -
Since my job is an online store and mentoring ecommerce business owners, I spend a LOT of time online each day. While most of that time is spent working, I do occasionally stumble across websites, articles, and cool things that I really like. I save these things to a Pinterest board, so someday when I have some free time, I can go back to that board and enjoy the things I found.
a candle that is sitting on a doily next to a small bag with a heart in it
DIY: Betonituikkuja
DIY: Betonituikkulyhtyjä kahvipussiin valettuna.
two candles are sitting on pillows and one has a candle in the middle with a blue pillow
DIY Cement Pillow Candle Holders - A Little Craft In Your Day
Hey Everyone! I am so excited about today’s post. You know those ideas that you
three cement planters with plants in them on top of a black table next to a brown dotted wall
Que tal um pouco de estilo industrial, plantas e diversão? @designdmis #concreto #cimento #estiloindustrial #suculentas #cactos #cactus
the instructions for how to make an origami fish
Basteln mit Beton: Ein Material, unzählige Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten
a house made out of cardboard sitting on top of a bed covered in paper and glue
Best 10 Støb nogle flotte lysestager i beton
Støb nogle flotte lysestager i beton
three different images of gold and white plates with one being round, the other is oval
Aftcra Closing Announcement
Concrete Coasters with Gold - Set of Four - Four handmade concrete coasters with metallic gold paint detail. Set comes with cork pads to protect furniture surfaces. Great gift idea for Christmas, Housewarming party or to selfishly keep for yourself (because I totally would)...
two cement cups with toothbrushes and soap dispensers in front of a white frame
Art & Concrete
Kit Toilette Kit para lavabo em concreto com porta sabonete líquido 120ml + difusor de ambiente 60ml + bandeja à prova d'água. Acompanha 3 varetas. Ambos vem com suporte embutido evitando qualquer contato direto com o concreto. *Válvulas cromadas disponíveis nas cores ouro, prata ou preto (As douradas tem uma pequena variação de cor) **Bandeja opcional** Medidas: Porta sabonete: 13x9cm Porta difusor: 13x9cm Bandeja: 18x8cm