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Look! Harry is confused and so is Louis! And Katy is just smiling and being all cutesy. Omg I love her.

KATY PERRY IS A FANGIRL Katy Perry: *casually nudges lou by harry* Me: *rolls on the floor having a fangirlpanicheartattackhilecrying,screaming,andlaughingatthesametime attack*<--exactly what i did.

Larry Stylinson proof>>> OMFG! If u are a real directioner you'll stop shipping Larry. I'm sorry but Larry is not true. You are ruining their friendship. I know some Larry shippers aren't like that but just saying Larry is true, is still ruining their friendship. LOUIS HAS A GIRLFRIEND!! They have bought a house and are planning on living together! The rumors about them breaking up aren't true! I'm going to lose a lot of followers for this but it's just my opinion.

What's everybody's thought on Larry Stylinson? (Not trying to cause drama just wondering) not a fan myself though

This is hilarious and I don't even ship Larry

I love el but this is pretty funny<<<I ship Elounor but this is hilarious XD