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#DEATHSTROKE NEW YORK COMIC - La casa editrice DC Comcis ha presentato un'anteprima della nuova serie NEW52 di Deathstroke al New York Comic Con -

Deathstroke Regular Tony S Daniel Cover DC Comics The DCU's deadliest assassin stars in his own ongoing series! See him as never before in this explosive new series, with one surprise after another as we see Slade Wilson in the fight of his life!

The evolution of the Joker through the Arkham series

He switches hands. Unless someone seriously screwed up somewhere while making this game, that's Clayface posing as The Joker. The Joker is still alive!


Not a fan of the deck shape, but the graphic design/finish is great. GoldCoast Skateboards The Pressure Drop-Thru Complete Longboard from Gold Coast features the stiffest construction possible. Made with 9 plys of hardwood .