Easy Homemade Salad Dressings. #food #recipe #healthy #DIY

Healthy Homemade Salad Dressings

Looking for a way to replace your store bought salad dressings that are high in calories and& sodium? We've rounded up some healthy salad dressing recipes that will be sure to liven up your salads with less sodium and calories.

Detox Salad DIY's #healthy #fresh

Guide to Creating the Ultimate Detox Salad

Creating the Ultimate Detox Salad. plus DIY Healthy Salad Dressings included.saving this image to my phone! Eat salad as your last meal. It helps you digest and cleans your teeth.

tzatziki sauce...it's always handy to have this around for when you need tzatziki but don't have any (or don't want to spend the money on any) storebought stuff.

Tzatziki - a creamy and refreshing dip. Use on everything, especially grilled meat!use greek yogurt to save time straining. This sauce is excellent.

Spicy Roasted Chickpea, Kale, & Mango Salad | Journey Kitchen

Salad Recipe: Spicy Roasted Chickpeas, Kale & Mango Salad w/ a Lemon Mint Dressing

Strawberry, Lime, Cucumber and Mint Infused Water

Strawberry, Cucumber, Lime and Mint Water Recipe The best way to weight loss in Recommends Gwen Stefani - Look here!

My dream: Raw vegan but nervous to take the jump. Huge lifestyle change.

Almost Raw Vegan Food Pyramid - learn all about the food groups included in a raw vegan diet and almost raw vegan diet. Plant-based has never been so good!

illustrated recipes: gazpacho    from a monthly series on   www.felicitasala.blogspot.com

illustrated recipes - felicita sala - love the idea of getting an artist to paint my favorite recipes for my kitchen wall


Homemade Vegan Cheese Sauce Powder

I was inspired to play around with this recipe that came from the book, The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions. I made some dramatic changes to suit my needs. The end result… pretty darn amazi

5ways to enjoy nuts

We’re crazy about nuts! They’re convenient, delicious and portable. Plus they’re bursting with health benefits. Here's 5 of our favorite ways to incorporate them into your day.


"Homogenized" Almond Milk (non-separating)


Raw Veggie Sushi Hearts and Almond Dipping Sauce