Who here carries a small toolkit as an alternative to a multi-tool? In my experience, multi-tools can do a large number of things, but all of them not.

great for keeping dust flies mosquitoes in the windy day

A shemagh or keffiyeh is essentially a large square of fabric, much like a bigger bandana. Here's how to tie a shemagh into 7 different types of headwear.

bugoutchannel: Ultimate EDC Survival Kit Infographic! Download the high-resolution version here: What the video here:

When it comes to survival kit’s designed to pack as much gear in a small space as possible, a checklist just doesn’t cut it! That’s why we created the Ultimate EDC survival Kit IN…

Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer Survival Kit

Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer Survival Kit - Take a serious look at "mini" versions of items you use all the time. Look for mini tools made from steel, not aluminum. Combine like items in small plastic bags.

Cool Pocket Dump. EDC Everyday Carry Gear Gadgets Daily Tactical Carry Vomit

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EDC - everyday carry items to have with you everyday, because it is not always feasible to carry your bug-out bag all the time

Build an EDC you can be proud of

The Everyday Carry ( EDC ) consists of the items that you carry on you every day so if a situation arises the odds of being prepared are increased.


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