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Tree bark by olgaanatolevnafilatova

tree bark simulating an espresso crema? Tree bark - links to growth and evolution theme and I love the intricate detail.

Hosta Leaves 10 by Ralph Gabriner. Simple, yet profound...

Great shape inspiration for foldforms (Ralph Gabriner "Hosta Leaves Color Photograph). This would be great inspiration for metal-forming a pendant or earrings.

Patterns in nature

Spiral Pattern in Pine Cone Pine cones are a classic example of the logarithmic or equiangular spiral in nature. This is from a Short-leaf pine. These spirals form from processes where there is turning at a constant angle but accelerating growth.

Microscopic plant cells. The nerd in me finds this breathtaking and old like to hang it on my wall someday

Memory can be aided through beauty because it stimulates and encourages memory. 'Beauty in nature: microscopic plant cells' emphasises Patterns, texture, colour and can even evoke pattern inspiration.

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