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Exercise for leg, thigh, and hip.....
ABS WORKOUT challange!
mais uma forma de ter o corpo dos sonhos!!
7 days Lazy Girl Challenge Booty Workout
Booty workout at home. slim your booty 🔥💯
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Six Pack EXERCISES with NO EQUIPMENT by Fitify
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Thigh Exercises, Body Weight Leg Workout, Leg And Glute Workout, Bodyweight Workout
BEST Butt Exercises for Girls to GROW A BOOTY - Reduce Sag & Lift Butt in 14 Days
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Workout Details Circuit One: -12 Kneeling Ball Twist per side - 12 Ball Sit-Up X4 Circuit Two: -12 Standing Ball Knee-In per side -12 Lying Alternating Ball Leg Raise per side X4 Circuit Three: - 12 Plank Knee-In Variation per leg - 30 sec Ball Plank X4 ( Cc: - @jenna.deleon ) #abworkout #absworkout #workout #gymworkout