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Chimuelo! :)

Night Fury He reminds me of a cat. Now I want a black cat named night fury. Or toothless.

Dark souls -the Maiden of Emerald- by K-Nashi.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I think by now its save to say that Emerald Maiden is my new favorite fem npc in souls series~beating Maiden in Black by just a tiny biit. Dark souls -the Maiden of Emerald-

shen one, chosen undead, gwyn lord of cinder, soul of cinder, and undead hero (dark souls, dark souls ii, dark souls iii, and souls (from software)) drawn by elrem

absurdres armor ashen one (dark souls beard chosen undead crown dark souls dark souls ii dark souls iii elrem facial hair fire full armor gwyn lord of cinder helmet highres knight long hair magic multiple boys scimitar shield soul of cinder souls

Sif - Dark Souls - First 4 Figures by GustavoTorqueto

This is my new artwork, a poster made for First 4 Figures of the Sif the grey wolf of Dark Souls! Sif - Dark Souls - First 4 Figures