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a decorative tray with two cups on it and beads in the middle, sitting on a table
a decorative plate with the letter b on it sitting on a wooden floor in front of a wall
Buy Shree Ganesh Pooja Thali-decorative Henna Mehndi Design Thali-festive Homedecor-nikah-shadi Decor-indian-pakistani-desi Wedding Centerpiece Online in India - Etsy
this is a colorful tray with cups and saucers on it, painted in bright colors
two hands making a heart shape with their fingers
Printing Line art - 4 ( Wedding and invitations )
a red plate sitting on top of a counter next to other plates and glasses with candles in the background
an elephant made out of beads on a white surface with red, blue and green beads
EC Indian Handicrafts' -Marapachi/rubber doll decorations