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This is Precious. Precious measures 3 1/2" tall and 10" long. She is part of the "Girls Night OuT" collection. Let me explain ... BuTT UgLee is rolling out a new series of wacky fish. The first series was based on the names of bars and restaurants in New Orleans. This time it is all about the GirLs! I named this series "Girls NighT OuT." All of the fish in this release are women. Women with special talents ... dancing! They are all named after strippers! Don't ask me how this all happened…


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A colourful shoal on a boat hill

Jane James is an award winning artist who has become one of the best known ceramic designers in the Channel Islands.

13 Fantastic Fish Sculptures Made With OceanTrash

Donated beach trash to various charities and fundraisers: 17 shorts, 20 kitchen items, 250 socks, 13 sunglasses, 12 sweatpants, 90 Tees, 1 Thermos, 149 Towels, 1,239 Beach Toys, 1 umbrella,

Maui Mano Maui Shark Driftwood Wall Art Grey Blue Silver | Etsy

Aloha FishFry fans!!! 🌴🌴🌴I am so excited to introduce this new shark!!!! “Mano” means shark in Hawaiian and he is quite the man!! 😊Now this guy is only the third shark that I’ve made, but I’m so in love. The two previous sharks were very special to me and very long...48”and much too crazy to ship. But this is a new design, and I’m so very pleased with how he turned out. He was inspired by this fabulously rusty saw I found at the thrift store. I just could not resist it. It was just so…

Ultra Mini Seven Sacred Pools Fish Driftwood Wall Art | Etsy

Aloha! Are you ready for a new fish!! I resurrected some old painting techniques and viola’!! Seven Sacred Pools Fish!! This great guy was inspired from the Seven Sacred Pools on Maui that is the reward for taking the Hana Highway all the way till the end. These pools are beautiful and a refreshing end to an amazing journey to Hana. I picture this guy zipping from pool to pool doing whatever it is that fish do. This great little guy is a super way to get an affordable piece of the FishFry…

Big Hana Throwback Fish Wood Wall Art Reclaimed Wood Art | Etsy

Aloha FishFry fans! It’s been a minute but I’ve been a busy bee in the studio!! Help me welcome a great new fish to the tide pool! This fish is a throwback to my very first fish I ever sold. I never make the same fish twice, but I did borrow the color scheme and some design elements from my very first sale. BUT this fish is very much his own guy. He’s got some gorgeous khaki coloring folded in with his rich Hana rainforest greens. Also a beautiful silver leaf stencil. Check out the close…

Sunrise Kihei Angler Driftwood Wall Art Yellow Orange | Etsy

Aloha!! 🌈🌈🌈 Now if you can’t get up at 4 am to see the sunrise over the volcano Haleakela and the great town of Kihei below it, then bring this fish to your home! She will bring on the sunrise!!!Without all the pesky getting up early!! I woke up feeling sunny today and this fish needed to happen. I went all out on this fish and combined some wake-you-up sunrise colors including yellows, a smidge of neon orange and some fun turquoise rings for texture. I put a big old silver star on her…

Hilo Jungle Ia Driftwood Wall Art Green Emerald Silver | Etsy

Aloooooooha!!! Ok I am so jazzed about this fish I can barely contain myself. Hope you like him too because he is handsome!!! Inspired by the gorgeous rainforests of Hilo on the Big Island, this terrific fish has the colors of those beautiful pools that weave through the jungle and the multi layered green colors of the canopy above. This great fish has real bottle caps scavenged from the Hawai’i beaches as well, on both his jaw and as part of his rustic eye. If you like this fish then get…

Aloha Angler No. 45 Driftwood Wall Art Turquoise Blue | Etsy

Anyone ready for some Aloha??? This is Aloha Angler No. 45!!!! This guy is bringing in some fresh aloha breezes and he’s ready to brighten up your home!!! So check him out. He’s made from reclaimed fence wood that’s been lovingly weathered by Mother Nature. He’s got a fabulous rusty tin can eyeball which I scavanged from Maui!! He has a sweet mini tiki cocktail fork above his eye. He’s got a driftwood jaw and a veggie steamer fin. He’s got a Corona bottle cap and some really wonderful rusty…

Maalaea Ultra Mini Fish, Driftwood Art, Reclaimed Wood, Wooden Art, Pink, Orange, Blue, pesce, peascado

Aloha FishFry fans!! 🌈 I have another Ultra Mini being added to the tide pool!!! I want to make sure that there are affordable options to have a little Fishfry joy!! This little girl is full of aloha and she will bring exactly that to your home! Please check out the close ups so you can see her amazing hibiscus relief done in rainbow shades from greens graduating to navy blue. She is vibrant just like the birds of paradise on the Hana side of Maui! So this girl is sporting plenty of…

Ocean Pacific Fish Wall Art Driftwood Wall Art Beach House | Etsy

Aloha!!! This is my throw back fish, a nod to the wonderful 80’s and The Ocean Pacific vibe!! 🌈🌴🐠Get out your terry cloth shorts and you Le’ Sac purses! Definitely my favorite new fish and rocking that new color scheme, as promised! Teal, to orange, to yellow.... a fab sunset fo sho. This fish has a real Hawaii license plate and is made from all recycled materials including the plate, reclaimed fence wood, bottle caps, driftwood, a paint brush, recycled plastic a toy truck tire and a…

Lahaina Sunset Ultra Mini, Driftwood Wall Art, Wooden Art, Reclaimed Wood, Orange, Pink, Blue, pesce, pescado

Aloha!! I have a new Ultra Mini!! So FishFry fans, I made this fish to represent the amazing sunsets you get when you see them from Maui in historical Lahaina. Sitting smack dab on the water, you have a gorgeous view of this amazing island and it’s sunsets. I’ve used a vibrant pink, rich oranges and a beet red to portray those sunset colors. And you’ll find this fish has some awesome recycled features in closing a silver star palm tree stencil, a paint brush tail, a wooden curtain ring eye…