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Dungeons and Dragons

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Wyvern from Divinity: Original Sin II
Giacomo ref WIP by *Pythosblaze on deviantART


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Aasimar Cleric
Wayne Reynolds Artworks

Norse, Vanilla Euro.

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Tiffany. She feeds off negative emotions to take human form. She power allows her to go through objects. His human dorm she can control it. In her natural form She cant control it and it hurts. Her atoms being ripped apart and sewn back together over and over again. So she creates negative emotions to help her be in less pain.

Wraith, Ghost

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Taur (Cen, Mino)

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Elemental, Gensai

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Mongolian Eagle Hunter - Character Design... - The Art Showcase
Velayn by Posia
Tyrande Whisperwind by cerisecreme

Elf, Fey, Fairy

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Druidic/ Nature

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Tree Design Exploration
ArtStation - Biome one for Adam, Justin Spice
Cory Loftis


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Undead Illithid
Mind flayer
ArtStation - Dark Fantasy Vol.2, Bjorn Hurri #ArtStation #Bjorn #Dark #fantasy #Hurri #Vol2 Others #ArtStation #Bjorn #Dark #fantasy #Hurri #Vol2


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Terras - Color by Iseijin on DeviantArt
Mind flayers once had an additional god called Maanzecorian, who was killed by Tenebrous, the undead shadow of the demon lord Orcus, though this fact was unknown to most. Unlike Ilsensine, Maanzecorian’s origin is known to all mind flayers. Once the greatest psychic ever to rise in the primordial Illithid Empire, Maanzecorian ascended to godhood with Ilsensine’s sponsorship and has served as the God-Brain’s loyal advisor ever since.
[OC] Art of my tiefling swordmage :)

Horns(Tiefling/Draenei, etc.)

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Drow/ Dryder (ISH stuff)

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Warforged/ Construct/ Golem

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So, this looks sorta like it could be the wow-avengers. Personally black widow should be a blood elf assassin.
Lolth & Driders vs.

Parties/ Groups

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Crystal Gunslinger, Jason Nguyen on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/q59KN
Witch, by YI XU
Woman wearing armor that looks ... like armor and not a bathing suit pretending to be armor. Much to like.


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メディアツイート: Baldi Konijn(@Baldinosaurus)さん | Twitter
ArtStation - Concept Characters (Commissioned), Michael Angelo Dulay


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Feiya by MarjorieDavis on DeviantArt
Feiya - Pathfinder Iconic Witch by Markelli on DeviantArt


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Fate of the Norns Picture, Fate of the Norns Image


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