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sheet music with words and symbols on it
the back cover of an article with words in russian and english on it, which are also
Ekologická pohádka.Id_1885.docx
the bulletin board is decorated with blue and yellow paper machs, which are hanging on a purple wall
Enerji tasarrufu
the diy rustic wood frame is easy to make
DIY Rustic Twig Frame |
A great way to celebrate spring! This rustic twig frame is a great afternoon crafts project for the kids and is really cheap. They are twigs, people! It's time for some spring in our homes...
a classroom door decorated with paper cutouts that says what's your prom?
Earth Day Activities and Craft
a co váš slib?? a year of many firsts: Earth Day Activities and Craft Make the globe a hot air balloon shape!!
a paper cut out of a garbage truck with foil wrapped around the front and sides
Garbage Truck: We printed a picture of a garbage truck on card stock, colored and cut out the picture. We then mounted the picture on construction paper and glued "trash" on the truck.
an open book with musical notations on the front and back pages, in spanish
písnička pro Zemi
an illustration of a boy falling in a raindrop with the caption below it
Voda, voděnka - Vhrsti
Jiří Žáček: Voda, voděnka