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Design vs User Experience [via @benkimediyorum] #ux #webdesign

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I saw this photo and had a good laugh. I have two comments about design versus user experience: No product is ever complete. All products require maintenance, adaptation, and betterment in order to stay relevant.

Luciano Kruk a jeho Casa Golf v Buenos Aires

Board-marked concrete house by Luciano Kruk stands on a seaside golf course - Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Nové kanceláře Beats by Dr. Dre od Bestor Architecture

Bestor Architecture has developed a new headquarters for Beats Electronics located in Culver City, California. Beats Electronics, formally established in has developed a unique approach to enjoying music that…

Stanice stockholmského metra

Curious Places: Stockholm Metro (Stockholm/ Sweden)-underground station carved of rocks. Looks like it could be backdrop for the original Total Recall

Islandský přístřešek Skýli od Utopia Arkitekter

Islandský přístřešek Skýli od Utopia Arkitekter