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I saw this photo and had a good laugh. I have two comments about design versus user experience: No product is ever complete. All products require maintenance, adaptation, and betterment in order to stay relevant.

Luciano Kruk a jeho Casa Golf v Buenos Aires

Board-marked concrete house by Luciano Kruk stands on a seaside golf course - Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Nové kanceláře Beats by Dr. Dre od Bestor Architecture

Beats By Dre office interior by Bestor Architecture. These amazing modern office designs are a case study in inspiration, the result of color study, modern architecture and occupational theory.

Stanice stockholmského metra

The Stockholm Subway System is an amazingly varied art gallery spread over 100 stations, 47 of which are underground. The installations & works range from Romanesque statues to mosaics, murals & machine work.

Islandský přístřešek Skýli od Utopia Arkitekter

Švédi navrhli pro Island turistické přístřešky Skýli s tvarem stanu

Utopia Arkitekter has designed Skýli, a series of bright blue cabins for installation along the country’s most famous trekking trails.