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there are many black cats with white noses and eyes on the same cat's head
Como Fazer Massa de Biscuit
gatinho de biscuit
a ceramic brooch with a cat sitting on it's back and its tail curled up
Sleeping Cat in Marbled Greys Brooch Pin or Magnet Polymer | Etsy
sleeping Cat in Marbled greys Brooch Pin or Magnet by Coloraudia
an animal made out of blue glass sitting on top of a gray surface with orange eyes
Kitty-Kat Accessories
Parisian LEA STEIN married Fernand, a chemist, who developed a process to laminate layers of celluloid with other materials, i.e. fabric, lace, straw. She used this to create buttons and moved on to jewelry, mirrors, combs and photo frames. Her designs include cats, other animals, birds, and people. She ceased trading in 1981 and started again several years later. As well as releasing some of her vintage pieces she produces a few new designs each year. Link goes to collection site.
two black and white cats sitting next to each other
Keramická kočka kocour černobílý dekor :: Keramika Andreas
a group of ceramic angels with babies in their arms
an angel holding a heart on top of a piece of paper
od-serca-12036322_621519165_mainpic.img | paulina silarow | Flickr
three little angels sitting on top of each other
Декор и рукоделие (handmade)
two dolls are laying next to each other / Фото #26 - Примитивы от Anielina - Inna-Mina
a ceramic angel hanging on a wall with green dots around it's wings and feet
Очаровательные ангелочки. Лепка из пластики или соленого теста
28 (525x700, 214Kb)
an angel figurine sitting on top of a table next to some twine
Лепка из соленого теста
Лепка из соленого теста - #saltdough #из #Лепка #соленого #теста