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Dowel Making Jig - The Woodworkers Institute

Dowel Making Jig - The Woodworkers Institute - the important first step in making one's own wood threaded rod (vise screws, etc.

Next drill a hole through the face of the block of a diameter to match that of the cutter you are going to use to form the dowel

This is probably the simplest and quickest router jig you will ever make, but it is a certainly very effective way of making your own dowels. You won't need much in the way of materials to make it, though the router does have to be mounted under a

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Dry rubs

I wish I had seen these before the holiday BBQ. Something as simple as 3 spoons of Italian seasoning, 2 spoons parsley, 2 spoons garlic powder, 2 spoons lemon pepper can make the difference between a (Seafood Mix Recipes)