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ఇప్పుడు నేను ఏమి చేయాలి What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Ana no le gusta la idea de matar los toros. Ana le dijo que es muy cruel matar los toros, y ella estaba muy emocionado.

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Hà feels sad because she has to leave Vietnam. i know this because on page 20 the war has come and she has to leave Vietnam and she doesn't want to leave because she still has hope that her father will come back home

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Worrying Smiley

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T is for Teaching - class job chart.  I like her idea of having students write a letter, applying for a job & only changing the jobs once a term. Less hassle than choosing new helpers each week! Plus students get really good at their jobs & the classroom will run smoother.

love this class job includes a description of the job.great for forgetful students and substitutes :) Clothespins make it easy to change!

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