After McDonalds came to Africa. I dont know if I like this or not, cos giraffes are my favourite animals and I dont like seeing them in this state, but at the same time its cute in a weird way.

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:) | - vtipné obrázky, vtipy a videa

:) | - vtipné obrázky, vtipy a videa

Montag morgen im Zoo

For when you think you had an extraordinarily shitty day, think back on this.

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Zavři oči, mám pro tebe překvapení…

Zavři oči, mám pro tebe překvapení…

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Hahahahahaha no words, just no words

19 Assholes That Completely Owned Being An Asshole // This asshole using the flow of a waterfall to mark his friends as territory.

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