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Charles Taze Russell :This man was a Presbyterian Pastor who found that the Bible disagreed with many Church teachings. He met with humble Bible students and they decided to go on the radio to tell people the truth. He spent his entire fortune (inheritance) spreading the truth to others. In 1931 they called themselves "Jehovah's Witnesses". A few hundred became a few thousand. They now number nearly 8 million and preach in 239 lands.

Charles Taze Russell who used his inheritance to produce Bible literature to help others. He met with anyone who was interested in Bible truth and they studied the scriptures diligently.


Visit Platform Also for Potter fans is this film location at Kings Cross Station, where young witches and wizards must go to board their train to Hogwarts. Platform – which is complete with a stuck-in-the-wall luggage cart – Kings Cross

To find out everything I can about the Titanic... and to know every line of the movie. Love this staircase! :)

The Grand Stair case in the real Titanic. Literally the most breath taking set of stairs ever. Not the Titanic, this is her sister ship the Olympic. However, the Titanic’s Grand Staircase would have been virtually identical. Peopled with ghosts!

Titanic Second Officer Charles Lightoller said he knew the real reason why Titanic hit the iceberg and sank. He protected White Star and kept the info to himself except for telling his beloved wife. He followed the "Women and Children" rule and dove into the ocean as it sank. He lead a group of others in staying afloat on an overturned lifeboat. He was the last survivor to board the Carpathia. His is a story worth reading. His version of what happened to Titanic is incredible.

Titanic-Second-Officer-Charles-Lightoller- highest ranking officer to survive- the last survivor taken aboard Carpathia. His granddaughter has revealed that a steering error was made in trying to avoid the iceberg that night among other details.