Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Fight Between Carnival and Lent (detail) - 1559

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - Ring dance - The Fight Between Carnival and Lent (detail) - 1559

The poorer people lived mostly on pottage which was a broth or stock in which Chopped meat and vegatables were boiled with herbs and often pulses added. Most people in Medieval England had to make their own food. There were food shops in the towns but most people were peasants who lived in villages where these did not exist . If a villager, you provided for yourself and family and farming was a way of life.

Fief : In medieval Europe, an estate granted by a lord to a vassal in exchange for service and loyalty .

Medieval Wheelbarrow Stock by ValerianaSTOCK

For a few years now, a medieval camp and market takes place in Hamburg-Öjendorf, Germany, each year, called "Mittelalterlich Spectaculum" with knig.

Batailles de boules de neige au Moyen Age The Census at Bethlehem by Pieter Bruegel the Elder 1566 720x514 histoire bonus

Batailles de boules de neige au Moyen Age

Isabeau de Baviere a Paris, 1389  two bald face horses with convex profiles, lighter greys dished profile with fine muzzle, foremost lady's mount in stepped pace

Medieval Art :: Entree de la Reine Isabeau de Baviere a Paris, 1389 from my personal collection for you to use in your projects.

Castle Life :: Great dog!

formaggi,Taccuino Sanitatis, Casanatense - in European fashion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wolfegger Hausbuch: Die Kinder des Mondes (the children of Luna)

Children of the Planets: Luna and Her Children (Moon) by Meister des Hausbuch [Master of the Housebook], c.

Castle Life

All about life in a medieval Castle. Living in castles, chateaux forts, stately homes, manor houses and great country houses