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an image of ancient artifacts on display in a museum poster with the names and dates
Another Venus? Rare Neolithic Female Figurine Discovered in Turkey
an old clay bowl with small figures in it
an old clay bowl with people and animals in it
The earliest possible evidence for regular cult in a sanctuary might be a famous Early to Middle Cypriot model from a tomb in Bellapais-Vounous showing a possible ritual scene involving human fi gures and cattle in an open-air enclosure. Ancient Cyprus: Cultures in Dialogue - Exhibition catalogue.
an elephant statue made out of concrete on a white background
(#250) Petit metate en forme de jaguar Région centrale du Costa Rica Période VI, 1000-1400 ap. J.-C.
an animal shaped vase with horns on it's legs
a black and white photo of an elephant's head with its trunk sticking out
The Aztec empire : Solís Olguín, Felipe R : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
a ceramic sculpture of a cat's paw resting on it's back
Alcarraza TUMACO
an old ceramic vase with a face on the front and side, sitting on a white surface
Figure Vessel | Chorrera | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
three vases on display in a glass case with gold and black designs around them
Ep. 012 - Minoan Thalassocracy | The Maritime History Podcast
three vases with designs on them sitting side by side in front of a green background
Kamares ware amphora and ewers. Phaistos 1800-1700 BC.
an old vase with a face on the side and spirals in the middle, sitting on a white surface
Rare Mayan Pottery Jar - Old God - TL Tested in United States
an old pottery vase with a rhinoceros head on it
Art of the Americas - Rabbit Vessel, Colima Culture, West Mexico
an old vase with two birds on it
Hallstatt pottery