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No link -cut strips fold and glue into the middle then glue turkey body on top

Cute leaf crafts for kids

Collect leaves to use in crafts while learning about endangered animals. The Asiatic Black Bear and Sun Bear are endangered, as well as the wild hedgehog.

Montessori, Ms

If we had to pay for every activity we did with our children to keep them entertained, our wallets would be bone dry! Instead, try...

10 Easy Outdoor Crafts I Learned from Summer Camp

Are+the+leaves+of+the+trees+in+front+of+your+house+starting+to+change+color+and+fall?+It's+one+of+the+signs+to+show+that+Autumn+is+coming.+Fall+is+a+season+of+beautiful+colors. Let’s collect+some+of+these+colorful foliage+to…

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c2e5e565eb860d791abde1720e21e90d.jpg (720×960)