I like it better when dean wants to shoot her! And sam said not In public!

There's are four episodes in which someone DOESN'T die

I came home from work one day and my little sister was watching Supernatural and she just turned to me and said "It's the one where Dean dies" and I was like "You're gonna have to be more specific.

*watches 0 episodes of supernatural* I wanna become a hunter

Jared Padalecki- here he's wearing a jaw length men's cut. The key to this is to avoid it looking like a women's bob, but I think his stylist does it nicely

Jensen at the bar of his bar. The Family Business Brewery

Supernatural ▪Out of Darkness, Into the Fire▪ Castiel is the fastest angel alive 😂

Jensen Ackles & Dean Winchester

"What is worth living for? Life itself is worth living for! If you're not living the life that you want, you fight for that life.

Aww he’s so cute

Aww he’s so cute

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