This wants me to make a movie, 'Girl Scouts: Buy the Thin Mints Now' and the sequel, 'Girl Scouts: Cookie Patrol'. #compartirvideos #funnypictures<<<YES

Dank dealer here... slip these dank few in your pocket

Can I just... Imagine those coming at you instead of the Angel statues... <PINNING FOR THAT COMMENT <<HOLY FRICK

Imagine those coming at you instead of the Angel statues. <I PINNING FOR THAT COMMENT <<HOLY FRICK<<Sorry to crash your party doctor who.that right there is a wendigo so until the weeping angels show up the SPN fans got this

Painting Rocks Stoner DIY by Chronic Crafter

Stoned and Painting a Rock

Unusual mirror

Funny cats compilation 2016 Best funny cat videos ever by Funny Vines.Hope you like a new funny cat videos compilation funny cats and silly cats .

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Funny pictures about Kitchen utensils. Oh, and cool pics about Kitchen utensils. Also, Kitchen utensils photos.

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:) I don't support homosexuality, but no one should ever hate someone for their decision, so I'm pinning because it prompts kindness :) <-- its transgender not homosexual and this is

Don't get upsetti have some spaghetti

I don't know which line is better Uk: *spits out tea* Italy: don't get upsetti have some spaghetti! Hahahahaha so funny

10 Fresh Memes Today!#3 Barbie Doll Can Be A iPhone Stand.

Squirrel ate bird feeder to sleep. Social stoker: who likes everythig you post. Never thought Barbie doll can be a iPhone stand.