I scare my friends. :)>>> me too

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This happens every time XD my mom actually ran away screaming I was crazy in her pjs down the street at 4 i the morning because I was getting ready for school and she came into my room and asked what I was listening to I literally laughed my ass off XD

Unpainted Werewolf Jaws [no gums] by KyraMcKinley on DeviantArt

These are for a commission, so they're not for sale, nor are they painted or have any gums yet, just some progression photos for my commissioner. Unpainted Werewolf Jaws [no gums]

COMIC - broadleaf by on @DeviantArt

Seth, Artie and Jason, starring in a comic I made that was published in the comic magazine "Nemi". ( Broadleaf Plantain is a plant that has some healing.


~This is so hardcore me. I'm a socially awkward dragon only interested in books and fictional world escapism.~ im a book dragon


Skull Canine - Phoenix - by therealurubabe<< I so totally love this! XD It's soooo wicked!

Before Take Off by shorty-antics-27

I just wanted to sketch out a picture of Pierce with his wings out. Lots of anatomy problems but OH WELL. His wings be huge, and he uses them for many t.

Cable Controlled Tentacle Mechanism | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Interior workings for a cable controlled tentacle. The handle in the foreground actuates the mechanism in a full 360 degrees movement.