Patroon van de maand 2012 · november - Kant met naald (en) de klos!

Pattern of the Month 2012 · november - Lace with needle (s) the spool!

Ornament, Craft, Bobbin Lace Patterns, Advent, Food Cakes, Natal, Crochet Edgings, Bobbin Lace, Christmas Ornaments

Tear, Bobbin Lace, Advent, Rosario, Filo, Snowman, Lace, Patrones, Xmas

Bobbin Lace, Lace Patterns, String Art, Quilling, Cardmaking, Lace, Rugs, Arm Exercises, Christmas Ornaments

Lace Making, Bobbin Lace, Father Father, Advent, Lace

Bobbin Lace, Food Cakes, Embroidery, Angels, Lace, Originals, Cross Stitch, Xmas