Part of my ‘Earth Science’ project…

I made myself too orange. [another sailboat, I know…I love sailboats…] My mom didn’t like it. Michelle, you’re my little sailboat.

The shade of orange on the right makes me feel weird. Patricia drew in my journal again there in the bottom [I feel bad when I don’t acknowledge that].

…I don’t remember who I was trying to draw.

I’m feeling pretty sad tonight. Starting a collage made me feel a little better :]

I was reading about an ancient practice where they would use actual human skulls for divination. Sketch sketch sketch…“up and doing circles”.

I stitched up another journal with about 20 pages. The lower my expectations, the less paper I waste.

These are my favorite pages from most of the sketchbooks that I worked on. I wish there were more, but I haven’t been so productive.

Photoshop collage :] I saved this kind of paper (the background) since I was around 10 years old.

The Garden Stephanie Morales 2013 Ink and marker on Bristol Conjoined heads! I worked on this piece in Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania.

System of Separation, 2013 Stephanie Morales Acrylic, Oil Pastels on paper.