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a painting of sunflowers and other flowers in a field
Gustav Klimt | Vintage Scandinavian Farm Garden With Sunflowers Rug by Gustav Klimt (ca. 1970) | Available for Sale | Artsy
an image of some people in the water with their faces close to each other and looking up at them
This item is unavailable | Etsy
a painting of sunflowers and other flowers in a garden
Farm Garden with Sunflowers - Gustav Klimt Paintings
two women dressed in gold standing next to each other
inge prader brings gustav klimt paintings to life using models and props
an old black and white photo of a woman with curly hair, holding books in her hands
CR Muse: Emilie Flöge and the Art of Fashion
a drawing of a woman in a long dress with her hair pulled back and shoulders down
a painting of a woman wearing a blue dress and holding a flower in her hand
Portrait of Marie Henneberg | Klimt | Painting Reproduction
a painting of a woman in a black dress holding a suitcase and looking off into the distance
Portrait of Marie Breunig by Gustav Klimt - Art Print
a painting of two women laying on top of each other
klimt the maiden poster 1994
a painting of a woman in a white dress
Klimt, Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein