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three wooden stars are placed on the ground
DIY Wood Stars
A tutorial to make your own five pointed DIY wood stars. Create three dimensional wood stars wall art using free plans here.
a man standing next to a wooden christmas tree on top of plywood planks
300+ Pieces Wooden Christmas Tree DIY | 300+ Pieces Wooden Christmas Tree DIY, #Christmas #christmastime #christmastree DIY Wooden Christmas Tree | By DIY & Crafts | 300+ Pieces Wooden Christmas Tree DIY
a wooden hockey stick laying on the floor in a room with hard wood floors and walls
SlackLine Pictures
SlackLine Pictures |
three wooden rulers with the words wide, regular and mini written in black on them
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Giant Ruler Wood Height Chart Kids Height Ruler Rustic
an odd wooden object with four rings on it
Contemporary Manufacture Board & Traditional Games for sale - eBay
FOUR RING PUZZLE, Wooden Puzzle Game, Strategy Game, Brain Teaser, Travel size #WoodenGamesToyshandmade
a piece of wood and rope on top of a table
How to Make a Wooden Rope Puzzle
I made a run of these two ring puzzles about three years ago, and they were quite popular as gifts. The joy is, once you know the secret, you want to watch...
an orange string is attached to a wooden block with two balls on it and one ball in the middle
Rope / Ring Puzzle
This is a really easy project to make. The goal is to separate the ring from the puzzle. Refer to the solution video if you can't figure it out.
a wooden frame with a rope attached to it and the words free the rope puzzle
Free the Rope
Create your own "Free the Rope" puzzle that incorporates a length of rope, looped around eye bolts inside a wood frame. Can you free the rope? #woodworking #workshop #puzzle #toy #brainteaser #toy #gift