These beautiful winter skies were made with bleeding blue and purple tissue paper. #atc

You can make beautiful bleeding tissue paper art with small squares of turquoise and purple. Apply water and they leave behind amazing swirly winter skies.

Hattifant - 3D Paper Christmas Trees (includes printables and video tutorial - - good for filling in extra class time)

Hattifant - Paper Christmas Trees (includes printables and video tutorial - - good for filling in extra class time) muy bueno

Shabby Soul:My Christmas Decorations - Star lanterns

Shabby Soul:My Christmas Decorations - Star lanterns I may not do this exact design but like the idea of using wire to float something above it

Printable Star Pattern (for PDF download, enlarge 150% for full page pattern)

This Years Most Beautiful Paper Christmas Ornaments and Crafts

See 10 Best Photos of Paper Cut Out Star Pattern. Inspiring Paper Cut Out Star Pattern DIY craft images. Star Cutouts Printable Paper Christmas Stars Cut Out Pattern Star Pinwheel Pattern Star Ornament Template Printable Star Shape Patterns

DIY bougie mandarine Je le faisais quand j'étais y a bien longtemps, ça laisse une odeur super agréable

DIY Orange Peel Candle: Not only do these smell good; the citrinella in the orange absolutly drives bugs AWAY! If your power goes out and you have to let some cool outside air in at night - best to have a means to keep the skeeters at bay

Star Template

See 6 Best Images of 3 Inch Printable Star Pattern. 10 Inch Star Template Printable Star Template 3 Inch Star Template Printable 10 Inch Star Template Star Cut Out Template

FREE printable… an advent calendar just in time for December 1st!

8 Best Images of Tin Advent Calendar Number Printable - Printable Advent Calendar, Advent Calendar Number Printables and Free Printable Christmas Advent Numbers

Threaded star trees (",)

glazen potje verven, stokje versieren met kralen en steeds kleiner wordende sterren van mooi, stevig papier - Thank you to pinner! English: glass jar painting, decorating stick with beads and increasingly smaller stars of beautiful, sturdy paper

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