Richard Torák

Richard Torák

Richard Torák
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Terraza ibicenca

Designed in all-white Mediterranean style, this beautiful villa is located on the South-western point of Mykonos, small Greek island. With washed wooden floor and white interior and exterior you can truly soak that Mediterranean fragrance.

LE3NO Womens Textured 3/4 Sleeve Open Blazer Jacket | LE3NO

Step out of the box with our textured sleeve open blazer jacket for all of your fashion needs. The textured crepe fabric gives the blazer an edgy feel to the blazer. Pair it with a fitted midi dre

DZHUS' Nihilism collection is designed for the “crazy rhythm of modern life”

This is one of the few pieces I can see being manipulated slightly to be unisex. I really like the sleeves, it reminds me of a Cobra snake's head. Nihilism fashion collection by DZHUS