Hammock for many... Or Hammock for 2 with lots of extra room ;)

Outdoor Bed, Hammock Bed -The Floating Bed Co. Hmmm does anyone have an old trampoline?

Cool #Chair. What material do you think this was made of? Something tough, like old blue jeans?

THE WOOD COLLECTOR Roll Up Chair Jelena Matic Wood Processing & Furniture Design, University of Belgrade Work inspired by Sustainable Workshops at the University

This is incredible!!  The Child's Menagerie Furniture Set by Paloma's Nest - Etsy

Surround your kid with some animal friends. handmade children's wooden animal chairs and table. Maybe I can have my Daddy help me make Piggy and Cow chairs for a special kids table.

Beautiful metal chair with tree stump rest

Acid etched metal tree rings are then shaped into chairs keeping the integrity of the tree stump outline this collection is by industrial designer Sharon Sides.


Ausgebrannt by Kaspar Hamacher at 20 Designers at Biologiska

:) Ausgebrannt, German for "burnt out", is a project by Belgian designer, Kaspar Hamacher, who makes wooden stools by setting them on fire. {Image by Dezeen}


Swingers, Creative rocking chair was designed by Cho Neulhae and Jaebeom Jeong, to shorten the distance between people.


How to Shop for Dorm Room Bedding

I just love the bird's nest. I love the tree bed, but I've seen that motif before. The birds nest and the dark trees make this bed special

Beautiful Wooden Chair 65..... More Amazing #Chairs and #Woodworking Projects, Tips & Techniques at ►►► http://www.woodworkerz.com

Animal Shaped Brown Modern Varnished Wood Chair, Comfy Chair Design with Unique Shaped Idea (fish bone)

Nice interior design ideas {Part 2} (22)

Corner Tree Shelf by Abhinav Dapke, ‘The Corner Tree’ is placed at the corner of the room & shares the adjacent vertical faces of the walls of the room. The zigzag & fluid form of this design is an interpretation of the growth of the tree.

"Skog" by Stian Korntved Ruud

Perfect for your modern treehouse . by Stian Korntved Ruud

Hyeonil Jeong created the Caterpillar Chair out of CNC-cut pieces of plywood woven together using bungee cord to form a flexible seat. Jeong says, “No matter how stiff each piece is, flexible relation makes an smooth flow. Its elastic connection allows an organic surface movement despite the rigidity of ply-wood material.”

Caterpillar Stool by Hyeonil Jeong

Flexible Stool Made Of Elastically Linked Plywood Pieces -Caterpillar Stool