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a white table and chairs in a room
the shelves are filled with vases and other items
a white dresser with baskets on top of it
a dining room table and chairs with baskets on the wall above it, in front of windows
an old china cabinet is decorated with greenery and wreaths for the holiday season
a candle and some plants on a table
a wooden bench sitting next to a potted plant on top of a table with other items
Rae Dunn
a basket on top of a dresser next to candles and other items in front of a painting
there is a mirror, vase with flowers and pictures on the mantle next to it
Lady says...
From The Netherlands loves vintage and/or shabby chic,Rufus Sewell and the Royal Family of French music Jacques Dutronc,Françoise Hardy and Thomas Dutronc
a bedroom with a metal bed frame and white linens on the pillows, along with an antique rug
Framed Floral Canvas Prints Set of … curated on LTK