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Nothing unusual, just the first page of the next mini comic book)

Nothing unusual, just the first page of the next mini comic book)

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"Shouldn't have stolen the wayfair packages from that grumpy lady at the end of the block"

available in shop:… In Taiwan zootopia come out at 2/26. it seem to be early than any other countries o-O thought we always have the cartoon movie so...

A colored-sketch commission for going along with the animal-pun movie-poster-parodies from Zootopia I had to crop the edges off and readjust the angle, since I accidentally drew the whole picture a.

So finally is officially Summer! My favorite season, and yes I know I should draw this two in swimsuit but there' s time for everything.I'll do it, is a promise 

Night night, Judy

pyrophoricitee: “fuzzywuzzylittletail: “nekomimiranger: “red-velvet-panda: “ “Hidden” With yesterday being sad and tomorrow being lost I wanted to do a comfy pic with Judy hidden behind Nick’s.