5 Genius Baking Hacks

These 5 Genius Baking Hacks Are Gonna Change Your Life

White chocolate crown cup cake toppers -GD- so much fun to do and so cute. Does take time though, and not sure they would hold up in the heat and humidity of hawaii summer. Loved them!

i heart baking: White Chocolate Tiaras (DUH. In all my searching for cupcake decor ideas, why did this one escape me? I use melted chocolate for lettering all the time. how to use this method for gender reveal cupcakes?

Rychlejší a zdravější neznám ... Bez mouky, bez cukru, bez koláčů se přece žít nedá :) Autor: Kuchár Pepe

Nejrychlejší zdravý koláč bez cukru a mouky

Nejrychlejší zdravý koláč bez cukru a mouky | NejRecept.cz

Nejrychlejší zdravý koláč bez cukru a mouky

čokoládovo-ovsené rezy, ktoré nemusíte piecť si zamilujú malí aj veľkí! Skvelý zdroj energie, ktorý máte hotový do 30 minút! Nepečené čokoládovo-ovsené rezy

Need a sweet treat that doesn't require heat? Try our No-Bake Chocolate Oat Bars! This simple delight whips up quickly and mixes crunch with chocolate taste.

Dressing up my cupcakes

Look at those! Those are DRESS cupcakes! I like the pink dress cupcake the best. The blue one is like the Cinderella dress. I dont know what the yellow one . Would be great for a little girls birthday party.

Cup Cakes

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