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Weaving a basket with recycled newspaper in the technique of “Diamond Mesh” pattern by Natalia Sorokina. As long ago as this spring, while shooting the tutor.

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This project transforms traditional basketry into a contemporary craft that is easy for even young students. Paper Coiling Core is shaped and glued in layers.

Papierowa Wiklina - Splot Spiralny cz. I - choinki (Newspaper weaving - Christmas tree) - YouTube

Choinka ZYGZAK z papierowej wikliny (Christmas tree, paper wicker)

a quick tutorial on how to give your candy wrapper purse a flat bottom. in this video i used x bits of paper but you can use any size as long as you.

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How to keep angles right while weaving with newspaper tubes We are often asked by beginners how to keep right angles in square woven item.