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a black and white drawing of a ball on top of a ruler with the words color value & shading below it
Art Room Handouts [Round 2] | Value
Value handouts
three dimensional shapes are shown in this diagram
Friday Without the likes of #MrKorb. #SAD.
a drawing of an open door with a chair in the background and a bucket on the floor
Drawing basics: the five foundation skills of observation
a drawing texture chart with different lines and shapes
18 Drawing Exercises Worksheets
Drawing Texture Worksheet
a card with the word, the dot on it next to some paper cutouts
Dot Day Sculptures
Thanks to the alignment of our calendar and curriculum map this year, we're celebrating DOT DAY at the end of our "Colors All Around" unit...
the mystery grid drawing worksheet for kids to learn how to draw and color
10 Printable Mystery Grid Drawing Worksheets Art
Mystery Grid Drawing Worksheets
a sunflower sitting on top of a table next to a pen
Drawing Ideas for Kids- 23 Ways to Turn Your Kid Into a Drawing Machine - The Kitchen Table Classroom
These drawing ideas for kids will teach techniques, concepts, & give your kiddo a chance to get some practice drawing. Drawing is a skill you CAN learn!
a coloring activity sheet with different types of patterns
the tag game educational and creative team building
Art Class Awards – Creative Ideas & Unique DIY Awards
TAG The Art Game making art fun
the cover of play like a artist's book, featuring colorful blocks spelling out words
Play Like a Surrealist: 13 Surrealist Games and Techniques to Unleash Kids Creativity
Surrealist art lesson collage, automatic drawing, Cubomania, frottage, Grattage, assemblage, Exquisite Corpse, calligram and more! Play like a surrealist! 13 surrealist games and techniques to unleash kids creativity. #artlesson #surrealism #surrealistart #collage #arteducation #lessonplan
the scribble drawing game is an easy way to teach children how to draw
The Scribble Drawing Game for Kids
someone is holding up an art piece with pink and black circles on the bottom of it
Jeff Koons Balloon Dog
a drawing of a vase with two brushes in it and the words shading practice
11 Shading Art Worksheets