El barquero by Tino Rovira, via It's too bad that most of that sky is man made :(

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Super moon over the ocean

Beautiful Tanzanite from Tanzania

Tanzanite : high vibrating and stimulates your crown, third-eye and throat chakra. This combination of stimulation make it an excellent choice for enhancing your work with spirit communication; amazing for helping you explore and find your true self.

Bau Chaldaean. A Celtic goddess of the dark waters, equated with the land of the dead. ------StimulatuM /

A Celtic goddess of the dark waters, equated with the land of the dead. ------StimulatuM / anotherkindof-x-a.

Cool underbridge

Rakotzbrücke (a.a The Devil's Bridge ) is located in Azalea and Rhododendron Park, Kromlau, Germany

Blue Fluorites with Quartz. Love it!

Blue Fluorites with Quartz ❦ CRYSTALS ❦ semi precious stones ❦ Kristall ❦ Minerals ❦ Cristales ❦-

Door detail...htm

10 Biggest Architecture Fails In The World


Wooden boxes with various dried herbs in an ancient herbalist shop.

Moon over Nubble lighthouse (Maine)

Full moon over Nuble Lighthouse~Maine, USA

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Scarab Bracelet of King Tutankhamun, joined together by a hinge on one side & a clasp on the other. The cloisonné scarab is inlaid w/lapis lazuli. The bracelet is inlaid w/carnelian, lapis lazuli & colored glass.

Aerial view of the Callanish Stones - at Callanish, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides of Scotland; a circle of 13 stones, with a central monolith, and a small chambered tomb which was later wedged between it and the circumference, and a series of single and double stone rows radiating to south, north east and west; the site became almost buried in peat for many years and it was 1857 when the peat was removed, restoring the stones to their splendor; from Archaeology Hebrides

Scotland: Callanish, Outer Hebrides The Callanish Standing Stones cast a shadow on the vernal equinox.

~ It's a Colorful Life ~

quenalbertini: Green Calgary, Vien Vo Photograph on

Bracelet of Egyptian pharaoh Psusennes. Sacred scarab beetle

Scarab bracelet ~ Egypt ~ Miks' Pics "Artsy Fartsy ll" board…

ALIENS REVELAÇÕES 2015: Conexões de Seres Alienígenas com a Igreja desde a Antiguidade

Amazing and interesting art on the door of Spain's Valence cathedral. These xenomorfas or alien figures date back to 500 years old.

Knossos game is an ancient board game discovered by Evans in the Palace of Knossos and goes back to 1600 BC.

Minoan game: Knossos game is the ancient board game discovered by Evans in the…

25,000 Year Old Buildings Found In Russia | Beyond Science

25,000 Year Old Buildings Found In Russia

Dolmens of North Caucasus B.) Concentrations of megaliths, dolmens and stone labyrinths have been found (but little studied) throughout the Caucasus Mountains.Approximately of these megalithic monuments are known in the Western Caucasus.