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Barrandovské nocturno aneb Jak film tančil a zpíval  Přímý odkaz Přímý odkaz  Autoři: Born, Adolf Původ filmu: Československo Rok vzniku plakátu: 1984 Režisér: Vladimír Sís

Movie posters, poster designs made by award winning poster artists. Outstanding collection of alternative movie posters made in Czechoslovakia.

Adolf Born

In writing a post on bookplates, I was reminded that one of my favorite bookplate artists is Adolf Born, a Czech painter and illustrator who in addition to creating some very funny bookplates has also produced a wealth of prints,.

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,Adolf Born,PF Johan Souverein Subject: Prague Year: Technique: 4 colour lithograph Image size: 19 x cm. Printed on greetings card, folded 25 x 16 cm.

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