Christmas Coffee Cocktail: 4 oz strong coffee, 1, 1/2 oz amaretto liqueur, 1 1/2 oz coffee liqueur, 1 oz butterscotch schnapps, 1 oz creme de cocoa, fresh whipped cream, grated chocolate, for garnish.

How to Make a Christmas Coffee Cocktail for the Holidays

Christmas Coffee Cocktail 4 oz strong coffee 1 oz amaretto liqueur 1 oz coffee liqueur 1 oz butterscotch schnapps 1 oz creme de cocoa fresh whipped cream grated chocolate, for garnish

Pumpkin Cafe de Olla - Mexican coffee with a mix of clove, cinnamon, and milk. Add pumpkin for an extra special fall addition.

Chocolate and Pistachio Cakes

Chocolate and pistachio cakes. Flourless dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and pistachio mousseline. Covered with chocolate glaze and decorated with chocolate spheres, leaves of edible gold, and gold specks.

Sunbeams & coffee smell

Getaway In the woods What made 2 cups of coffee - one to you, one to God and hung out.and then the other cup was empty suddenly - and God literally had been drinking coffee with you? Will make 2 cups for my quiet time todaaaay.

Autumn Pumpkin Coffee Cat Original Folk Art by KilkennycatArt

Autumn Pumpkin Coffee Cat - Original Folk Art Portrait Painting

ultra-winter--fantasy warm breakies with company overlooking gorgeous snowy scene

The perfect epitome of hygge - breakfast shared with a loved one, snuggled up indoors admiring the winter scenes outdoors

The Broomstick Cafe - 5.55 x 7 inch print - by Brenna White - witch black cat…

The Broomstick Cafe - 5.55 x 7 inch print - by Brenna White - witch black cat moon stars fall autumn halloween

The Broomstick Cafe by Brenna White ~ witch ~ black cat ~ crescent moon ~ Halloween

Of course hot chocolate is in there – and you can't beat our extremely special and luxurious blends!

14 hygge essentials for your home

Weight Loss or Travecca's Skinny Beans facbook

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