Süße Idee - Tannenböumchen aus Zweigen

Süße Idee - Tannenböumchen aus Zweigen (Not sure how one would shape some greenery like this but sure worth a try.such a neat idea) vt

"Taikapuut". Lyijykynän päällä on töpötelty hopean tai kullan väristä pulloväriä. Rungot ja oksat väriliiduilla. Sopii myös pienimmille oppilaille. (Alakoulun aarreaitta FB -sivustosta / Virpi Janhunen)

Metallic trees Klimpt Winter - I do these but use neon colors for the leaves.might have to try different metallics next year!

Homemade Advent Calendar, Domácí Adventní kalendář

Craft a Christmas advent calendar one that will become a real treasure in the years to come. Use one of our Fun Christmas Crafts With 50 Great Homemade Advent Calendars Ideas and have some fun.

DIY Wine Bottle Lights. Nothing says winter more than the snowman. Paint and dress the empty wine bottles as snowmen.

20+ Awesome Winter Decorating Ideas & Tutorials

Check Out 21 Snowman Decorations Ideas To Try This Christmas. One fantastic characteristic of snowmen as objects of seasonal decor is that they make wonderful decorations for the christmas.

Vánoční písnička:

Vánoční písnička:

DIY- Angel Bell Ornament

Heartfelt Holidays: Angel Bells

Mikuláš Čert Anděl kornouty na nadílku

Mikuláš Čert Anděl kornouty na nadílku

Paper Cone Tree: cardboard tube, from center of wrapping paper roll or use paper towel tube for shorter tree, wrapping paper, or scrapbook paper in patterns/colors of choice, tape, scissors, ruler

Paper cone trees is a great idea to create a Christmas tree. To make the cones you can use holiday wrapping paper or use patterned scrapbooking paper.

МОЙ РЕБЕНОК (mojrebenok.narod.ru)-НОВОСТИ: Поделка Рыба

The Greatest Art Projects for Kids. If you teach in a special education classroom or have students with fine motor challenges, bookmark this page. A great list of projects that students of all abili