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an image of toothbrushes in a glass container
Easy DIY Chunky Throw Blankets – List Pin Top10
a person holding up a clear glass piece with white flowers on it in front of a tree
Dandelion Embroidery Hoop Art Beaded Embroidery Minimalist - Etsy
the words work at home doing art and illustration in front of an image of pencils
5 Places To Sell Your Artwork Online
Are you an artist looking for a little work to do from home? Here's a list of 18 companies that have an occasional need for freelance artists.
a mannequin with the words how to market yourself as an artist part one
HOW TO MARKET YOURSELF AS AN ARTIST | PART ONE. — The Higgins Creative | Marketing Agency
How To Market Yourself As An Artist: Part One | Selling yourself is hard. You're all about the art, not the business. But you can't make a business of your art without the selling. Here are some tips for marketing yourself as an artist.
the instructions for different types of brushes and their names are shown in this diagram, which shows
painting on Tumblr
Tools for... Painting ..
the brush guide is displayed in front of a sign
Learn how to paint easy More by elva
a plastic container filled with different types of knitting needles Fine Art Acrylic Paintings - Fine Art Acrylic Paintings / Fine Art Paintings: Collectibles & Fine Art
Cleaning brushes
a rack with many different types of pens and brushes in it on a wooden floor
Paint brush drier
an artist's easel with paint, brushes and watercolors
Sienna Easels
sienna plein air
a glass jar filled with lots of wooden sticks
Oil painting tips and techniques- cleaning brushes
In the previous post I wrote about avoiding the use of solvents that could be harmful to breathe. One area where I haven’t been able to avoid using these is in cleaning brushes. But I do have…