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Yasmina Rejdajová

Yasmina Rejdajová
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72 demons evoked by king solomon part ii05 photo

The 72 Demons Evoked by Kind Solomon (Part Horror Fear Art Monster Possession

I'd just LOVE to do a Tarot photography series like that. Every Major Arcana card. So sweet.

One of the best Devil cards ever! I just loved this, I wish I had my tarot book on me to reread the devil card I believe it's suffering from disputes about money or stress.

Big Chill appliances - maybe for a wet bar or basement/2nd kitchen, but not the primary.

'Happy Kitchen, Happy Home' Big Chill's full retro kitchen line that includes vintage stoves and retro fridges in 8 standard colors and 190 custom colors. Discover Modern made classics today!

LOVE this soo much!!

When a warrior fairy is killed in battle, their wings are removed and hung in the royal hall, which sparkle like a rainbow with all the different color and shaped wings. Instead of a coat rack - I should have a wing rack for my friends.