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a knife that is sitting on top of a white surface
Pry Bar | Shaper Store
Pry Bar | Shaper Store
a person using a knife to cut wood
Bench Brush
copper cups and vases are sitting on the table next to a leafy green plant
Classic Hand Hammered Verde
Classic Hand Hammered Verde
a metal pan with a spatula and wooden utensils on it that says crepe pro
a book with a black and white photo on it
Charlotte Lapalus — Marlène
Charlotte Lapalus — Marlène — Libraryman
a bottle of coconut caramel liquor on a white background
Thanks - Shop Coconut Cartel
Thanks - Shop Coconut Cartel
an assortment of skin care products including eyeglasses, and other items on a white background
Complete Wet Plate Collodion Kit
Now with Old Workhorse Collodion! Bostick & Sullivan’s pre-mixed Wet Plate Collodion kits come ready to use! A complete starter set, with all the essentials needed to pour plates, sensitize in silver nitrate, develop, fix, and varnish! Will make hundreds of 4″x5″ plates. Due to the volatile nature of collodion and collodion products we have a 6-month guarantee on all collodion processes and products. Replacements outside of this guarantee will be evaluated case by case. *Highly flammable substan
three different colored pens sitting next to each other
High Quality Pen Kits | Pen Blanks | Pen Turning | Fast Shipping | UK
Unrivaled, High Quality, Affordable Pen Kits. Made in Taiwan to our high standards of quality, TM Pen Kits set the bar for pen kits on the Pen turning market. Kits in the TM Pen Kit range have been rigorously tested and reviewed by professional pen turners. We also supply Blank Blanks & Pen turning accessories.
a woman bending over in front of an open refrigerator
Under $50 Kitchen Items Every Adult Should Own
two brass colored knobs on white background
three stainless steel rings sitting next to each other
Ring Cores / Ring Blanks
Ring cores and Ring blanks, various materials and widths and sizes. 1 and 2 piece ring cores. Tantalum, Black Titanium, Tungsten, Titanium, White ceramic, Black Ceramic, Blue Ceramic, Purple Ceramic, Pink Ceramic, Zirconium, Hammered Tungsten, Stainless steel, wood ring cores, Silver .925 ring cores, Carbon fiber ring
a man is working on woodworking in his shop
RWW 151 Roubo Resaw Frame Saw in Action
Blackburn Tools - Roubo frame saw parts
a black and silver object with holes on it
WÜSTHOF Sharpening Guide 'Slider'
The WÜSTHOF Sharpening Guide is used to help glide your knife along a WÜSTHOF whetstone and ensures the proper angle is used while sharpening the knife. The soft silicone surface prevents the knife from scratches and helps to keep a secure grip on the guide while sliding along the whetstone. The angled guide makes using a whetstone effortless and allows for easy knife maintenance.
Geneva Dress – c'est la chic Robe, Style, Outfit, Styl, Vestidos
pair of blue handled knifes on white background
three knives are sitting next to each other on a piece of wood and metal with the words summerhill cutlery written on it
pfeil Swiss made - Intro Carving Tool Set - 4 Piece
an advertisement for the next generation of film, with a map in the foreground
Arista-II Inkjet OHP 7-mil Transparency Film - 8.5x11/100 Sheets
Arista-II Inkjet OHP 7-mil Transparency Film - 8.5x11/100 Sheets
three brass round rods on a white background
K&S 1/16 In. x 36 In. Solid Brass Rod (2-Count)
Used by craftsmen, handymen, machinists, hobbyists, and modelers for a variety of projects. Sizes are listed by outside diameter (O.D.).
several plywood boards stacked on top of each other
Baltic Birch Plywood – WoodChip Marine Lumber
the logo for bostick sullvan, an electronic instrument manufacturer in new york
Complete Wet Plate Collodion Kit
Complete Wet Plate Collodion Kit - Bostick & Sullivan
a black and silver square on a white surface
Black Aluminum Plates