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I am planning to build a green house for our own Homestead and Garden at Red Ridge Farm. Here is where I will share some of my design ideas. And don't for get to grab one of my Free Resources to help you on your growing journey here:
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someone picking vegetables in their garden with the text how your simple garden plan may be holding you back
How Your Simple Garden Plan May Be Holding You Back
In this episode, I’ll show you the importance of transforming your simple garden plan to a plan more like a market gardener’s. We are very busy people and having a plan that only helps us in the first week of growing does not help us through the rest of the growing season. It does not help us improve our garden or give us a better harvest!
an iphone with the text 4 ways to grow your own seeds on it and a hand holding
Transform Your Garden with Our Ultimate Seed Saving Guide
Are you ready to take your garden to the next level? Learn how to save seeds effectively with our comprehensive Seed Saving Guide. From seed selection to proper storage, this guide will empower you to grow your own food, reduce waste, and create a more sustainable lifestyle.
Ready to level up your gardening game? Our Improving Soil Guide will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to take your garden to the next level. Dive into the world of soil health, understand how to improve it, and watch your plants thrive! Seeds, Soil Health, Soil Improvement, Level Up, Next Level, Soil, The Next
Master Soil Improvement with our Expert Guide!
Ready to level up your gardening game? Our Improving Soil Guide will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to take your garden to the next level. Dive into the world of soil health, understand how to improve it, and watch your plants thrive!
grass with the words top tools to improve your homestead's production in one year
3 Ways to Improve Your Homestead's Production in One Year
What if I told you, by using these three practices, you could double or even triple your homestead's production in just one year. Today you and I will be discussing the three ways our family has improved Red Ridge Farm Homestead's production without buying more land. The answers may surprise you. Let's get growing!
How to Build a Solar Greenhouse on your Homestead
We have talked about building a Solar Green House. We talked about what it is and all of the details. But know let's talk about how you can build one on your homestead. The 12 steps to building a passive solar green house for yourself. Let's get growing!
What Is Solar Greenhouse?
Did you that there is a way that you can grow food all year round? Well, most of us think about a greenhouse. But greenhouses come with the heating and more. An easier way would be a solar greenhouse. And that is what we are going to talk about today, what is a solar greenhouse, what can it do, and how can you build one on your own homestead. Let's get growing!
the words build a diy greenhouse for cheap are shown above pictures of tomatoes and cucumbers
How to build a greenhouse for cheap that is also sturdy
Do you dream of a way to garden year round? Want a greenhouse but feel they are too expensive? Do cheap made greenhouses not stand up to the elements in your area? Try this DIY greenhouse idea made with in ground posts and flexible livestock panels to build a greenhouse that is sturdy, flexible and still cheap. #diygreenhouse #cheap #forwinter #yearround #ideas #large #small #howtobuild #homemade #hoop #budget #wintergardening #homesteadingideas
a green house with the words how to build a 50 dollar greenhouse in front of it
How to Build a 50 Dollar Greenhouse
This is how to build a 50 dollar greenhouse by SHTF Preparedness. You can keep your greenhouse indoors or outside, and you can even make its interiors quirky and cool. I bet you never thought that you could build a greenhouse on a budget? Well, know you know! Look at this post for more. #greenhouse #diygreenhouse #greenhousetips #greenhousehacks
an outdoor cold frame with text overlay that reads build your own indoor accessible cold frame
Build Your Own Indoor Accessible Cold Frame
If you live in a northern climate a cold frame is a must for a longer growing season. Make seed starting even easier by making it indoor accessible...
a greenhouse with the words how to build this greenhouse for less than $ 500 on it
How to Build this Greenhouse for under $500
How to build this Greenhouse for under $500, How to get cheap material and build yours now and save money, you can get an early start on your planting season or extend your planting season by a month or two. #greenhouse #buildagreenhouse #diygreenhouse #greenhousediy #cheapgreenhouse
a white bag with the words build your own mini greenhouse with hula hoops
DIY Mini Hula Hoop Greenhouse
Build your own mini greenhouse quickly and inexpensively with hula hoops! This is an easy and affordable way to get your seedlings safely through the transitional spring weather until they are ready to be planted in your garden. Check out this step-by-step tutorial and you'll have your own mini hula hoop greenhouse in no time! Learn more at | #minigreenhouse #diygreenhouse #hulahoopproject
two greenhouses with the words free diy greenhouse building plans on top and bottom
DIY Greenhouse Plans
Start gardening in a DIY greenhouse with these free plans. This small white greenhouse adds a nice aesthetic to a home garden design. #gardening #greenhouse #homestead
two pictures showing the inside and outside of a house with windows, greenhouses, and doors
18 DIY Green House Projects Picture Instructions
DIY Reclaimed Windows Greenhouse Instructions -18 DIY Green House Projects Instructions
pink flowers with the words green house ideas
Green House Ideas