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We all know a little extra help goes a long way - and we at RebateBlast have created a fun, helpful, and inspirational blog that not only makes your life a little bit easier, can help you save money!
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Resolve to Do More for Less. If your vision of 2014 includes getting out more and living each day to its fullest, then you’re sure to enjoy receiving cash back from RebateBlast on daily deal websites. Daily deal sites give you discounts on everything from dining, spas, travel, and entertainment to recreation, kids’ events, services and fashion items. Read the rest of the blog article by clicking on the image.

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June is the start of summer and the wedding season! Choosing the perfect wedding dress and accompanying groom tuxedo or suit may seem impossible. The choices are endless! But, never fear. There are ways to narrow down your selections to a preferred few. Get tips on how to find the perfect wedding dress and groom’s attire to make your walk down the aisle a memorable one. Read the rest of the blog article by clicking on the image.

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Let’s Chill and Grill! At last the sun is shining a little bit longer, Memorial Day is around the bend, and the backyard grills are once again calling us to get cooking. Deciding what type of grill and what to cook just got easier with RebateBlast’s sizzling savings for all your backyard BBQ needs. Read the rest of the blog article by clicking on the image.

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The Best Value for Any Venue - Ticket Deals, Tips & Tricks: Stop! Before you buy that ticket at the box office, check our available ticket discounts for all kinds of events. Ticketmaster® has its very own Ticket Deals website where fans can find the best local event promotions and special offers all in one spot! Plus, Select-A-Ticket® offers discounted tickets up to 55% off! Click on the image to read the rest of the RebateBlast blog article.

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Beauty Is Skin Deep: Beauty doesn’t have to be a beast. It’s simple - looking great starts with clear, smooth, healthy skin. Experts in the field of cosmetology are perfecting products to help stimulate skin’s natural enhancers, while taming environmental factors that damage natural beauty. Get some candid cosmetic advice from two top professionals and learn how to truly put your best face forward. Click on the image to read the rest of the blog article.

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Some 4th of July traditions are timeless - parades, speeches, public readings of the Declaration of Independence and fireworks! From our nation’s capital to small town USA, July 4th is a patriotic, flag-waving, red, white and blue celebration of America's birthday! Celebrate your patriotic pride with star spangled savings and double cash back from RebateBlast on all your Independence Day essentials.

Congratulations, you own your own business or are planning to start one. RebateBlast can launch you in the right direction towards lowering your monthly expenses. We help small businesses like yours get cash back, discounts and free shipping on office supplies, business travel, computer hardware, software and more, LOTS more.

What’s old is new again! Live long enough and you’re sure to see fashion trends returning. This fall we’re seeing the best ‘90s grunge make its way back along with other ‘90s wear like high-rise pants, crop-tops and platform sneakers. Rake up this year’s top returning fall fashions at RebateBlast and earn cash back on your favorite comebacks.

No matter how old you get, the onset of summer always brings out the adventurous kid in all of us. It’s that time of year to bust out, make memories, check off the bucket list and have fun! Before you escape, start your summer blast at RebateBlast for cash back on the best deals for summer adventure, escape, travel and family quality time. Read the rest of the blog article by clicking on the image.

Have you ever wondered how safe your mobile phone is? Not many people have. This is why smartphones have quickly become preferred targets for cyber attacks. Cybercriminals are exploiting weaknesses in smartphone security to access private information, leaving mobile phone users dismayed. Don’t fall victim to cybercriminals; protect yourself with today’s top mobile security apps available with savings from RebateBlast! Read the rest of the blog article by clicking on the image.