** favorite scientific drawing, plus love the color

** favorite scientific drawing, plus love the color -- plum colored poppies. Possibly opium poppies.

stuff veronica likes: Steven Meyers xray photography of flowers

By photographer, Steven Meyers X ray of an anemone creating a beautiful image. Maybe ill have an xray of a sunflower for a tatt

See this Instagram photo by @kirstensevig • 298 likes

Starting a new pattern in sunny yellow on a mournful and cloudy day. This is my attempt to brighten things up a bit. Im sad about Orlando.

nancy nicholson

nancy nicholson vintage scandi folk art style applique bird and flower design for wall hangings or jackets

How to Draw & Paint a Peony Flower with Ink and Watercolor - Level 5 - YouTube

Ink and Watercolor Painting / Watercolour Tutorial / Techniques / Lessons / Levels of Classification for Beginners JayLee is a specialized watercolor artist.