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Recipes - Food that makes you hungry

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Creamy Chicken Enchilada Soup is packed with Tex-Mex flavors, simple to make and ready in under half an hour.


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A beef tenderloin is not just tender, but it is also full of flavour, however it is the most expensive cut of meat available. There is a way to reduce cost by buying a whole tenderloin and learning how to trim it yourself. #beeftenderloin #trimmingbeef #portioncuts #howto #homecook #cheflife #sharpknife #culinaryskills #knifeskills #culinaryambition #culinaryinspiration #youcandoit #beef

Ground beef recipes for dinner

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Cremige Halloween Schokoladentarte mit Slime Monstern - KüchenDeern
Cremige Halloween Schokoladentarte mit Slime Monstern - KüchenDeern

Halloween foods

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Mushroom and Sausage Pizza Toast Recipe
Vegetable Chow Mein Recipe


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Asian marinades often have soy sauce, which is made from fermented soybeans and it is full of umami #babychicken #asia #marinade #soy #soysauce #umami #soybeans #asianfood

Best grilled chicken marinade

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2 reviews · 45 minutes · Serves 6 · Chicken 65 is an Indian style fried chicken, a popular chicken starter recipe. Learn how to make a baked version of this classic Indian chicken snack, making it an almost guilt-free treat!
Chicken 65 is a classic Indian fried appetizer that's spicy, has loads of flavour from the chillies, garlic, and the unique spice blend.

Indian recipes

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Lamb loin is the rack without the bones, the meat is lean, tender and very tasty. The sous-vide cooking technique is the perfect way to cook this piece of meat evenly. #lambloin #sousvidecooking #lamb #sousvide #slowfood #slowcooking
True lamb lovers often choose chops as it is known to be the most tender part of the animal. #lamblover #lamb #lambchops #grilling #indoorgrill #easyrecipe #meatdish

Lamb recipes

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Cabbage and Carrot Salad Recipe
Artichoke and Spinach Dip Recipe

Yummy food

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Stuffed Fish Fillet Recipe
Cajun Shrimp Recipe that is Eye Healthy
This dish brings the best of two worlds and is easy and quick to make with only a few ingredients. Be careful when you prepare this for the first time, you don't want the curry to overpower the flavour of mussels. #mussels #redcurry #mixingflavours #seafood #belgian #thai #deliciousfood #culinaryinspiration #culinaryambition #wok

Fish & Seafood

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Slow Cooker Recipes

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Beef tenderloin recipes

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Mixed Cookie Recipe


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Physique Training

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Inflammation Diet

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It's party time come on friends enjoy the little party #pizza #healthylifestyle #Health #pinksalt #cookingblock #nutural #wellness

Gourmet Pizza

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We received plenty of these garlic scapes during our lockdown in China. This quick stir-fry is perfect as a side dish and well appreciated at Chinese dinners. #garlicscapes #stirfry #chinesefood
Are you in for something different? This recipe is the perfect alternative to your typical midweek meal and the opportunity to attempt a different cuisine within your own home. #noodles #shanghainoodles #stirfriednoodles #noodlebowl #noodleslover
To create a crispy skirt, the dumplings are pan fried with a vinegary corn starch slurry which creates a crunchy golden-coloured crust once the water evaporates. #porkdumplings #crispyskirt #chinesefood #easyrecipe #potstickers #dumpling

Chinese - Chinesisch

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This authentic Italian manicotti recipe is the best! Made with super thin crepes and a rich ricotta cheese mixture, this manicotti has the best flavor and texture.

Italian recipes

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This recipe teaches you how to make a Sandwich Loaf. A multi-tiered sandwich, with various salads inside and coated with Cream Cheese.

Hawaiian roll sandwiches

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Air Fryer Granola with nuts and berries served with soy or almond milk for even more taste and health,

air fryer recipes

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A basic lemon marmalade recipe only needs three ingredients, but it is easy to adapt the recipe and add your preferred herbs and spices. #lemon #marmalade #easyrecipe


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Easy pasta dishes

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Chocolate - Schokolade

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Whether it’s for cooking, baking, flavouring, fermenting or cleansing, salt is indispensable for its versatility. #salt #seasalt #howtoharvestsalt #fleurdesel #sodium
Popcorn is the perfect healthy snack for movie nights at home or for birthday celebrations and treats. Making your own at home is enjoyable, and popcorn makers or poppers make popping and flavouring corn a quick and easy task. #popcorn #popcornmakers #popcornlovers
Depending on how much you need to store and if you need to keep products dry or fresh for longer, ready to warm or for freezing, there is an ideal container for every type of food. #foodstorage #foodcontainer #bestfoodcontainer #storingfood #storingfoodsafely


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